How To Get Best Out Of The Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) Platform

Get Best Out Of RWL Platform

Getting best results out of a situation is an art. Not everybody is good at this art and some are bright while others need a hand to steer them past the technical and procedural requirements of a platform. This equally applies to Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) platform that is using online dispute resolution (ODR) mechanisms to resolve disputes of various stakeholders outside the courts.

We have designed the RWL platform in most simple terms so that even a person accessing the Internet can use it. After all how much difficult it is to fill details of e-mail. name, phone number, etc in an online form? Still some people have found it difficult to comply with the simple requirements of RWL platform.

As we receive many tickets on a daily basis it is not possible to devote much time to tickets that are incomplete and faulty despite e-mail and Twitter reminders. We have no other option but to close such tickets and block such users from Twitter accounts of few participating handles.

I have personally closed few such incomplete tickets and blocked few such users at my Twitter handle and believe me it is a very painful process to do so. I do it because of absolute necessity as I have to devote my limited time to those tickets that are complete and participating. I cannot continue with a ticket that is incomplete despite e-mail and Twitter reminders.

We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) are here to help all stakeholders but if you try to waste our time, whether intentionally or inadvertently, we would take it very seriously. At the same time we would like to guide you so that you get best results out of RWL platform. So here are few things that you must keep in mind:

(1) Documentation: Any ticket is useless unless it is accompanied with relevant documents pertaining to the dispute. How would we analyse the situation and bring forward your cause and grievance before banks, government departments, mobile companies, etc if we are not aware of the situation at all?

So most important requirement is to attach document either at the ticket or separately at the e-mail. You can leave a message at the ticket itself and we would revert back through e-mail and Twitter handles. Simply attach the documents at the e-mail responding back to your tickets.

Option to attach documents is available at the end of the column of “Issue Details” or above Captcha. Files larger than 2 MB are not supported and you must attach the same at the e-mail of Perry4Law responding back to your ticket.

(2) Involvement Of Aadhaar: Next requirement pertains to informing us whether Aadhaar is involved in your case or not. This can be done by simply writing either Yes or No at the column you can find immediately above the Captcha.

The requirement of Aadhaar has been incorporated to see whether you have complied with the deadlines prescribed by us for submission of the Aadhaar refusal or Aadhaar delinking forms.

The next requirement? Well this is all we are asking for. Did not we say our platform is very simple to use and is user friendly. We look forward to help you in best possible manner in your hard times of disputes and agony. We would really appreciate your support and cooperation in this regard.