An Open Letter To DoT And TRAI For Their Inaction Against Aircel Despite Clear Evidence

Till now everybody is aware of the Aircel fiasco from which Aircel employees and its customers are suffering. This is the first time that a telecom company has unilaterally decided to disrupt its networks and forced retrenched its employees. The position of Aircel employees and its customers is worst possible as they are not getting any justice and remedy from government side.

we at PTLB are trying really hard to ensure justice to Aircel employees and its customers. We are strengthening access to justice and justice for all when our own Department of Telecommunication (DoT) and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) have failed to take a concrete action against Aircel.

However, we sincerely appreciate the help of top brass of Central Government for accepting our request to ensure salary payment of Aircel employees and temporary restoration of operations of Aircel.

We have also requested the Central Government that if government is interested in revival of Aircel, it may consider extending the carrier support of MTNL and BSNL at appropriate circles. Both MTNL and BSNL can help in managing the network coverage for Aircel on temporary basis.

We are posting regular updates about the Aircel issue and stakeholders interested in this aspect may follow this thread at twitter. While DoT and TRAI are still engaging in red tape behavior yet we are sure that top brass would help us again in this regard. Handle @_PTLB has already escalated this issue to the top brass.

Here is the open letter that PTLB has sent to top brass, DoT, TRAI, etc:

“Dear Sir/Madam

Thanks for the mail. We would surely do the needful, if needed.

But we have our own dispute resolution and grievance handling platform that is helping both national and international stakeholders for various matters. This ticket has been generated using the same.

Further, if we are truly following a good governance model, we should not be rigid about procedures and formalities. You have sufficient details and information about the grievance that is otherwise also available through media and newspapers.

How would we lead by example if we fail at this basic test of Digital India? Our platform has helped many consumers of Aircel and other telecom services providers and we are doing it as part of our social legal obligation and free of cost.

You are requested to update us about the action that you have already taken or you propose to take against Aircel for illegal network disruptions.

As you have sufficient and actual knowledge of the issue, we expect an early response and resolution from your side now. Please do not send us the scripted reply anymore and take some concrete action.

We have already covered this issue and would also update the same very soon.

This communication would also be posted as an open letter on our portal(s) so that customers would be able to get first hand information about acts or omissions of your esteemed departments.

Thanks in anticipation.



We hope the Central Government would consider the case of Aircel employees and customers with sympathy and compassion.

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