Indian Domain Name Registrars Are Defeating Digital India And Startup India Initiatives


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Update: We thanks InRegistry, MeitY And Net4India For their timely resolution of the issue. The issue stands resolved as on 28-04-2018.

Digital India and Startup India are two of the most prominent flagship projects of Indian Government. InRegistry And NIXI are promoting .in domain names as the base for Digital India and Startup India projects. They have reason to do so but their efforts are continuously jeopardised by Indian registrars like Net4India.

Net4India has a very unprofessional approach towards its customers. It keeps on harassing them and instead of providing solutions create more troubles and hurdles before them. Recently we had a stint with Net4India and we decided enough is enough. Someone has to take a stand against the unprofessional environment created by registrars like Net4India.

It all started when Net4India provided a branch address where people can communicate and send their communications and letters. We placed a renewal order for domain names and and for renewal of hosting for another domain As you can see there are three .in domains involved in this renewal order. We dispatched the cheque for renewal order through Trackon courier on 19-04-2018. We also kept on asking Net4India to renew our domains and hosting as the consumer empowerment portal of Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) was one of the domains that went down due to policies of Net4India.

However, our domains were not renewed by Net4India even on 25-04-2018 and on further communication Net4India even threatened to put our .in domains in “redemption period”. Frustrated with the non renewal of our domains, we decided to conduct an investigation on two fronts. We first picked Trackon and after initial investigation we came to know that Trackon was unable to deliver our courier to Net4India as its office at the specified address was permanently closed. We asked Net4India about this aspect but Net4India flatly refused closing of its branch office. In fact, an executive of Net4India even claimed that the branch office remains open all days during the office hours.

Till now it was clear that either Net4India or Trackon was lying. So we started a detailed investigation with Trackon and after getting all the details were convinced that Trackon was right in its claim. The desginated office was always closed. With this information in hand, we asked Net4India to give in writing that its specified office is a valid place for business and services. The executive at Net4India promised to do the same but she deliberately refrained from doing so.

We were facing similar problems with Net4India at its Sarita Vihar office in the past from where couriers and speed posts were always returned back and we were regularly sending the couriers at the Noida branch address that was the last known branch office address of Net4India. There was no problem with the Noida address and it was working fine but changing it to 139-A-1 S/F Mohammadpur, New Delhi 110066, India created the real problem. Any reasonable person would expect in these circumstances that the Noida arrangement would also apply to Mohammadpur address and we send the courier to Mohammadpur address that was claimed to be fully operational by Net4India till last moment.

Realising a legal action, a senior executive of Net4India placed a call and claimed that the Mohammadpur address was a bug issue in the website and claimed that Sarita Vihar address has been substituted with the Mohammadpur address. He was not aware that courier and speed posts are not accepted at Sarita Vihar addres for years. Net4India also refused to pick up the renewal cheque from our residence that meanwhile returned back and insisted that a fresh courier should be dispatched at Sarita Vihar address not knowing that such fresh courier would never be delivered at Sarita Vihar address.

At this stage we involved InRegistry and NIXI in the loop and submitted all the documents that clearly proved our version and also proved negligence, mala fide intentions and cyber contraventions by Net4India. We demanded unconditional and instataneous renewal of our domains and hosting services and a compensation of Rs. 5,00,000 (Five Lakh) for mental harrassment, agony and cyber contravention committed by Net4India under Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act, 2000). As InRegistry and NIXI were slow in responding, we also involved the Secretary of MeitY and the Minsiter Of MeitY Shri. R.S. Prasad. Now we are pursuing the matter further so that it can reach a logical conclusion.

But one thing is for sure. The suggestion of InRegistry and NIXI to use .in domain names and Indian registrars is a big trap and a sure shot method to defeat Digital India and Startup India projects of Indian government. Foreign domain names and registrars are much more professional and law compliant than registrars like Net4India. So if you plan to purchase a domain name, do not go for an .in domain name and Indian hosting and Indian registrar as your full fledged projects can be destroyed within seconds and InRegistry, NIXI and MeitY would do nothing.

We would update our viewers from time to time in this regard and would also upload the documents at this article so that negligence, mala fide intentions and cyber contraventions by Net4India can be known to world at large. Any remedy or action by InRegistry, NIXI and MeitY would also be discussed by us.